“The choice of making Messy Bessy a sustainable brand is a conscious effort in our part, especially with dealing with the young adults because by doing so all of us here are part of something bigger than ourselves,” Krie shared.

The young adults at Messy Bessy came from an environment where they were taught to look out for themselves only. But since working at Messy Bessy, they became part of something that creates greener and safer alternatives for homes or families. They are now part of giving back to society as supposed to be the ones always on the receiving end.

Less than a decade after putting up Messy Bessy, Krie Reyes-Lopez had an idea on how they can magnify the success of their little social enterprise, thus creating the House Foundation. Assembling a trio of accomplished women in their own chosen fields, Reyes-Lopez, who herself came from a corporate background, set the foundations goal which is to alleviate poverty through youth empowerment.

This social enterprise is an organization that focuses on providing education, employment, and rehabilitation for formerly abused, trafficked, incarcerated, and impoverished young adults. “These kids go through a harrowing past, and if they’re not helped within the childhood window—which many of them really aren’t then—they turn into adults who are helpless, right? But normal people think, 'You are able-bodied. That’s okay, just help yourself.' So I think it’s a very neglected sector,” shares Krie as she opens up about the vision of her brand.


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